20 sessions IN 7 WEEKS TO transform YOUR physical & mental being AND see the difference.

In 20 private sessions with 3 concentrated sessions per week, that's just 7 weeks, you will SEE a difference. 
That’s only a month and a half of sincere commitment.  SEEING is believing!

“I had no idea my body would feel this great in just 7 weeks. If I did, I would have started this program a lot sooner! Not only do I feel great, but my body looks better than when I started.”
— Sara, Vail CO


20 Private Pilates Sessions

3 concentrated Private sessions per week

Complete in 7 weeks


Plus these awesome bonuses...

2 alignment & re-balancing massages

4 vibraflex with pilates sessions

unlimited infrared detox sauna sessions

10% off on all boutique items


total value of the program
we are giving you is over $2500


your total program investment



“I love this program because it taught me how to move correctly in my body and the changes were incredible!” Seven weeks, anyone can do this.
— Nancy, Edwards
“This program made me realize how good you could feel & look in your body. Wish it didn’t take me 55 years to realize it, but at last I did!
— Mary, Vail

Total Program Investment


or 3 payments of $734