Shamanic Energy Healing in Vail

During our lives, events and trauma leave imprints in our Luminous Energy Field. The Luminous Energy Field is the software for our bodies. The processes of shamanic energy work can remove these imprints, before they can manifest in physical bodies, in emotions or in life patterns. When we effort to change our lives, initially we make progress. Then,  suddenly we often find ourselves repeating the same unwanted, familiar patterns. These repetitive patterns arise from imprints. Sometimes these imprints are cultural and familial, not just personal.  By releasing toxic energies, individuals as well as family systems can shift into balance allowing a client’s innate gifts and true soul purpose to be set free.

The illumination process is intended to clear toxic energy from one’s luminous energy field allowing for physical and emotional clearing. All other processes in the shamanic tool box are used within the context of the Illumination.

Our soul’s destinies are often disrupted by early wounding. The intent of the retrieval process is to energetically address and heal past wounds or trauma, so the client’s innate gifts and true soul purpose can blossom.

Extractions involve releasing and removing toxic, intrusive energies from one’s luminous energy field. This process is designed to allow the client a renewed sense of calm and peace and to return to his or her true nature.

This process is reserved for those who have already achieved a strong foundation of energy work and who are willing to participate to make changes at a deep level. Destiny Retrieval is designed to help clients discover and manifest their desired future, and align it with their soul’s essence.

A fire ceremony is a powerful way to release burdensome energies and worry, call in what is needed, and express gratitude. With the use of the fire energy, rattles and drums, this shamanic ritual creates transmutation through release, cleansing and purification. It clears the way for the new.

A despacho is one of the central ceremonies of the Andean shamanic tradition. In a despacho ceremony, the shaman uses symbolic items to create an offering of gratitude. Clients and others in attendance may also place their prayers of gratitude or request into the offering. This ceremony creates opportunity for clients to rebalance and charge their energy field, share sacred space, and offer gratitude for the abundance they have or would like in their lives.

My session with Sara was very moving. I was impressed with her professionalism and integrity. Before we began the actual session, she spent a good amount of time really listening to me as I shared what had been going on in my life and my hopes for the session. Then once she began, I appreciated her tenderness and careful explanation of what she was doing (this was my first appointment with a shaman of this tradition). Afterwards, I felt relaxed and quite moved by the energetic shifting I experienced. Sara is an incredibly intuitive and gifted healer.


Single session $225
3 session package available on request