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Welcome to Pilates for Balance!  Established to provide a unique approach to whole body health and wellness.

Our fully equipped boutique studio specializes in the Classical teachings of the Pilates Method, offers personalized attention, and ultimately empowers you to be in control of your own health and well being.

At Pilates for Balance, we believe that the human body loves to move and performs best when allowed to do so, regardless of age or physical condition.  We also believe that most of us harbor untapped emotional and physical potential that is just waiting to be unleashed.

Pilates, when done correctly, is a gateway to opening your life to possibility and highest potential.

We joined forces to create a majestic boutique studio environment on the Eagle River that students could learn and grow, a space with a view of the wonderful elements of living in the mountains, and an intimate approach to how they felt would be best suited for their clients.

Pilates isn’t just about a strong core.  It’s about finding movement patterns in our bodies that support the overall objective, whether it’s golf or skiing, biking or carrying groceries.  We use Pilates everyday, we just may not realize it.

With more than 30 years of every evolving knowledge of Pilates, yoga and the human body, our studio is just the place to bring that awareness to you through body and mind transformation.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio and helping you continue your quest to living your highest potential.

In Balance,

Liz & Teresa

In 10 sessions you'll feel a difference,  in 20 sessions you'll  see a difference and in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.

The Pilates Method, originally called Mind Body Contrology by inventor Joseph Pilates, promotes the balance of mind, body and spirit from the inside out through graceful movement patterns.

This full-body methodology develops strong core from which all movement emanates.

Because your muscles interact naturally as you move in life, Pilates does not isolate muscles individually. Instead, each graceful movement strengthens, reshapes and re-educates your body as a whole. 



10 sessions IN 4 WEEKS TO IGNITE YOUR INNER STRENGTH AND FEEL the difference in your body and mind.

10 private sessions with 3 concentrated sessions per week means that in just 4 weeks you will FEEL a difference…and feeling is where it all begins. We feel results before we see them. 



20 sessions IN 7 WEEKS TO transform YOUR physical & mental being AND see the difference.

In 20 private sessions with 3 concentrated sessions per week, that's just 7 weeks, you will SEE a difference.  That’s only a month and a half of sincere commitment.  SEEING is believing!



30 sessions you will have a whole new body.

At Home in Your Body at Last! The Pilates for Balance Signature System in 30 sessions.

In 30 private sessions with 3 concentrated sessions per week, that’s only 10 weeks, you will come home to a whole new you!  That’s a serious commitment to have a completely new body. 


If you are new to our studio, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our studio policies.

If ever you have any specific questions or concerns, feel free to contact the studio directly at 970-926-9060

We strive to keep the highest standards in teaching, and do honor your feedback.  If ever you have any suggestions on how we may do better, we invite your thoughts.


We have created our Premium programs for you to get the most from your practice.  We realize not everyone is ready for that kind of challenge.  If you prefer to work at a more moderate pace, enjoy our private & duo sessions

Single Session         $110
10 Sessions             $900
Duo Single Session $65
10 Duo Sessions     $600


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